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pixies-shootin said: Oh it's your b-day? I'm terrible for not saying anything ;-; *huggles* FORGIVE ME WITH CAKE *hands over cake*

Yes, it was. xDD You are not terrible at all, Pixie. It’s no big deal. ^„^ Thank you very much. -takes cake- You are forgiven, child. Jk. Hope you have a great day.

vinithedemon said: Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it owo)b

Thank you very much, Vini! I did enjoy it, after i got off work. Now i’m dead tired. =„=   

Haaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaaaay! I hope you have/had a great day C:

lilyrosethedreamer said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAZ! It was nice to meet you yesterday!

Thank you very much, Lily! It was a pleasure to meet you as well! ^„^ Look forward to seeing you again at the next stream. 

joannabananaus said: Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthdaaaaaaaaaaay to youuuuuuuuu! C:

^„^ Thank you, Jo! You are too nice. <3

bunnyruti said: Happy birthday dude! Have a nice day! :3

Thank you very much, Ruti! I really appreciate it. ^„^ 

31. August 2014


It’s the birthday of our favorite little bat today! j-razilla!!
Go and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
(And read his fanfictions)


30. August 2014


A lot of our wonderful mods are August children, and today is the birthday of asasdoodles!!

Be sure to tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3

(via propanda7)


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