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23. July 2014

Part 9 Epilogue

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thecrazybabypanda said: Oh god calm yo hormones sistah

no >w>

Dayum OWO !!!

yooo, i held back my whole life. with everything. decided that’s bullshit…sooo not gonna hold back with Raz ;P

You never have to hold back with me. ^„^   I’m interested in the context of this conversation though. xD

black-matte said: Derpdere. You cakebutt.

xD You bastard. You are the fuckin cake butt, you Fruitshit! There!

mishy3wynnn said: kuudere but only dere w... "her" (huehuehue)

.„. Yes indeed. Gotta keep all the dere for her. ;3  Thank you, Mishy! 


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j-razilla said: Deep red, Red, Pink, Blue, Rose, Purple, Plum, Violet( I am dating you ;3) Aqua, Tangerine and Green. .,,. <3





22. July 2014


Tsundere - Hostile outside, loving on the inside

Yandere - Sweet outside, obsessive and psychoic inside

Kuudere - Silent/cool, turns loving afterwards

Dandere - Usually quiet until the right person comes along

Kamidere - Just like tsundere but has a god-like complex

Dorodere - Sweet outside, messed up and disturbed inside

Deredere - Loving and affectionate

Himedere- Just like tsundere, but princess-like

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◆ Name: Silvia Alm◆ Age: 37◆ Zodiac: Aquarius [DOB: 3rd of February]◆ Family: Older brother and a niece.► Skills: Silvia is a talanted dual-element mage [1st: metal, 2nd: wind] and can handle a wide variety of weapons. She’s a famed battle strategist and has years of experience in the Royal Army.► Personality: Silvia is independent, intelligent and strong, and way too stubborn for her own good. When she gets a thought or idea in her head, you won’t be able to change her mind easily.She is a social person but needs some time alone now and then, or she will easily lose her temper.She can sometime appear a bit cold, harsh and as a bit of a know-it-all, especially with issues that hits very close to her heart.► Past: Silvia attended VMA at the age of 13 - 18, and she graduated as a metal/wind mage with a focus on purple spirit magic. She also attended the VMA and VU’s combined military program during her time at school.After graduation Silvia joined the Royal Army and spent a few years climbing the ranks, finally becoming one of the Generals.Silvia fought in the ‘Rebellion of Barr’ seven years ago, where a big group of people clashed with the Minx Army. The people were supporters of Barr, the first King of Victubia and his bloodline, wanting to rid the throne of Queen Minx and her people.It was a hard battle, that ended with Queen Minx and her army as victorious. Though Silvia lost her right arm in the battle, and retired.She went back to VMA where she became a teacher. A year after that she became the new principal when the previous principal stepped down.► Present: Sivlia is currently still the principal of Victubia Magi Academy. She’s also the teacher for the metal-element class, and head of the Military Program.She and the principal of Victubia University, Albert Ek, work together to make sure both VMA and VU have a good communication, share knowledge and they try hard to make sure the rift between magi and non-magi people gets smaller.► Trivia• Silvia’s prosthetic arm is created by Albert Ek, and she can transform it’s look with her metal magic. It’s one of a kind, and it was practically unheard of a prosthetic limb before Albert made it.• When angry, she takes small pieces of metal and transform them into small figures, animals or abstract things. It makes her calm down.• Silvia has had many relationships during her life, but never married because she doesn’t like to be tied down. She’s currently single.• Favorite colours are blue and green, and her favorite season is fall.• During her time as a metal-element teacher, she’s taught a lot of people. One of them being Snake from the LNC.