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1. August 2014


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mishy3wynnn said: mmmm ghost/dark pokes! mystery badge and.... gengar :D (and maybe a non-battle crobat)

Definitely me. Thank you Mishy! ^„^

31. July 2014

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joannabananaus said: Firebending, probably because there's beauty and darkness to it.

Sounds like me alright. .„. Thank you Jo.

26. July 2014

Anybody want to give me critiques on my work? I could really use it. .„.  Thank you.

j-razilla said: Would you kill off Relix for me? xD




Yer I would. Thats the one favor I would do for you xD

Sorry Shady and Jo

  1. joannabananaus said: Don’t you dare D:< I will personally come and get you, possibly kill you too D: <

Yer yer yer, Not likely =P

your a goody in this story remember? xD

Just you remember this: ice can be used in beautiful ways, but it can cause great harm too c: <

So, Panda kills relix then Jo kills Panda….. My plan is coming along nicely.